A visit to Mother Ocean

Things have been very stressful around these parts.  Last weekend, my partner and I wandered off to Monterey for some relaxing.  Went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, ate some seafood, wandered around Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoyed the cool breezes, the gorgeous water and communed with the sea.    I have many thoughts on recent US and world events but for now,  have some pictures of a lovely excursion to the ocean side.




My heart hurts.  I’ve cried and raged myself to exhaustion.  But still the awfulness continues.  Here are some words by those more eloquent than I.

Tananarive Due: This is What You Do

Beyonce: Freedom.

17 Poems To Read When The World Is Too Much

My Own Random Thoughts



The benefits of being open

mental illness


The 4 most ridiculous moments from my recent clinical depression.

I love this piece.  I have a nice dose of anxiety to go along with my depression so the experiences outlined in it resonated with me.  However, the intro to the piece is really, really, really important.  Those of us who can be open not only help ourselves, we help destigmatize mental illness.  We try to show those with mental illness that they are not alone and others do grok.  We try to show those without mental illness just how incredibly brutal and debilitating it is.  We try to sow compassion and understanding.