Overwhelmed redux

I have been trying to get the words out. I am having so many complex emotions right now. I feel like life keeps heaping crap on my shoulders. I VB did my taxes and somehow owe California $38! The “guaranteed” job just went away. The company is no longer hiring for the position I left.  I owe so much money. Jay’s paycheck is smaller because the premium for my insurance paid by his company is taxable income. We should *not* be struggling on his salary.

I suck. I should just suck it up buttercup, find a job and muddle through.

But I know how much effort I put in to get my health back on track. And I know that juggling a full-time job with everything else doesn’t work for me. My health would suffer.






Author: desertdragon42

I am a science fiction fan. I read it, I watch it, I breathe it, I go to conventions to hang out with others like me. I met my fannish family at my first Worldcon in 1995 in Glasgow. I've been smitten ever since. Just your typical bi pagan poly sf/f fan gamer geek! I have an amazing group of friends and chosen family flung all across the US and the world.

1 thought on “Overwhelmed redux”

  1. You can’t go back to full time work right now; you’ll undo all the good you’ve done! I wish I had a reasonable solution, but there really isn’t one right now. I’m sorry it’s so hard. Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt.


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